Irrigation and
Sprinkler System

Where would you be without your irrigation system?

Automated sprinkler systems put down the right amount of water in the right place at the right time. Your irrigation system saves you time and keeps your plants healthy. Zeppa’s irrigation service program keeps yours doing its job season after season.

How do automated irrigation systems work?

Your irrigation system moves water through pipes to zones or areas of turf and garden beds. This system involves: pumps, valves, pipes, tubes, sprinkler heads and a controller. This helpful network saves you time and money by precisely getting the water where you want it at a measurable rate. All these moving parts need to be monitored and supervised. That’s where Zeppa’s can help you. Our trained irrigation specialists understand how the system works and what maintenance and supervision is needed as the seasons change.

Required Yearly Irrigation Maintenance

Once the weather warms up in the spring, and we no longer have freezing temperatures, we will start up your irrigation system. Our technician will carefully turn the water on to your system. We will then activate the zones on your controller. Next we will literally walk and inspect each zone or station checking for proper water coverage. We will also check all heads for proper rotation and flow. Lastly we will program your controller with a spring watering schedule. Over time parts wear down and break, our technicians are trained and prepared to make repairs right away. We know you don’t want to wait or reschedule therefore we will automatically provide same day repairs up to a threshold of $250.00 Our irrigation start up prices are minimally $88 per visit for a system of up to 10 zones, each additional zone is $8.80.

We’ve started your system with a spring watering timing routine, and this will need to be adjusted as our days get drier and hotter. You will benefit the most from Zeppa’s by having us inspect your system twice during the year. We will inspect all heads for coverage and adjust for plants that have grown and are blocking the water coverage. Your landscape is a complex growing system that is constantly changing, we tweak your system to provide optimal coverage as the temperature and availability of water shifts.

A proper irrigation system shut down protects your sprinkler system from the damage freezing temperatures will cause. Once the temperatures fall below 32 degrees your system is at risk of breakage, which often is not noticeable until spring when you most commonly will discover leaks. Fall is the time to have us winterize your system and avoid costly repairs in the spring. The basic components of a shutdown are: turning off the water the water supply, blowing out the lines and adjusting the controller. The timing of your shut down/winterization procedure is critical.

A properly maintained irrigation sprinkler system saves you time, and keeps your plants beautiful and healthy. We’re ready to partner with you to manage your watering system all year long.



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