Professional Lawn Renovation Benefits

If you really want to create a thick lush turf carpet, then annual aeration and overseeding is a must. You’ve invested in a property with foundation turf and you’ve maintained it with a our top notch fertilization and weed control program it’s now time to take it to its optimal level with a lawn renovation. Lush golf course perfection is our goal and we recommend annual aeration and seeding. A Zeppa’s lawn renovation will revitalize and rejuvenate your lawn.

Start By Aerating Your Lawn

A Zeppa’s lawn renovation begins with aeration. The process of poking holes and pulling out “plugs” or segments of turf is aeration. The plugs or portions of turf are pulled from the terrain in the shape of a test tube and laid on top of the ground. These plugs pulled from the ground they contain thatch and soil and the cores are left on the lawn to break down. Initially after we aerate your lawn it will look odd with all those plugs littering your turf, but trust us this is a valuable process.

Benefits of aeration:

  • Improves air movement in the soil
  • Breaks down thatch
  • Disrupts soil compaction
  • Boosts nutrient absorption
  • Enhanced uptake of water by soil
  • Stronger grass roots

Zeppa’s core value to invest in top quality commercial grade equipment is evident in the machines we use. Aerators are machines with hollow tines on a cylinder that divot the soil surface as the machine rolls across the turf. Our aerators are top of the line professional units. Our trained team will systematically cover your turf crossing from one direction to another in a pass, this is a single aeration. When this is followed by back and forth coverage from the other direction (think vertical, then horizontal) it is a double aeration. Zeppa’s offers single and double aerations. *Please note all underground systems: irrigation, cable, invisible dog fences and night lighting must be marked or flagged prior to aeration.

Lawn Overseeding

Top Dress Your Lawn with New Seed

Seeding is necessary to fill in thin or bare areas as we work towards creating the ultimate turf carpet.

Thin, bare turf can be caused by:

  • Insect damage
  • Disease
  • Summer drought
  • Thatch buildup
  • Wear and tear-traffic
  • Pet urine
  • Tire and machine damage
  • Remodeling

Seeding in conjunction with aeration has proven to be successful in thickening turf. We seed with a high quality seed that is blended for our climate to be resilient to drought, disease and insects. Zeppa’s has found through experience that fescue is the turf of choice for our area. Fresh new grass growth from seed provides the additional boost your lawn.

The Best Time to Aerate and Seed

The best time to aerate and seed is in the fall. You don’t want to seed in the spring because spring seeding begins with the major disadvantage of having to forego the crabgrass pre-emergent. This chemical barrier prevents seeds from germinating; one of the best was to combat crabgrass. When you forgo this barrier, the grass seeds germinate in the spring and guess what else does? Weeds! Spring seeding is not successful and we do not recommend it.

Zeppa’s is here to solve your turf problems. A healthy thriving lawn begins with aeration and seed. Call us at 502-648-4885 to revitalize your lawn to beautiful turf carpet you’ll enjoy day after day.



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