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Dry It Out

Posted 2019-05-28 by Antonio Zeppa

All living things need water, but too much water can be just as bad as too little. If your property has poor drainage, some action is needed to get rid of excess water. Plant roots need oxygen...

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Kick Off The Year With Spring Cleanups

Posted 2019-03-31 by Antonio Zeppa

In the early spring, your yard is similar to an empty canvas waiting to be filled with color and texture. To make sure that it ends up being the piece of art you want it to be, it pays to start with...

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Watering Tips for Plants, Seed, and Sod

Posted 2019-03-20 by Antonio Zeppa

Check out our watering tips for new plants, a newly seeded yard, and new sod.

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Aerating and Overseeding Your Lawn

Posted 2017-08-17 by Antonio Zeppa

To maintain a beautiful, healthy and lush turf it’s important to aerate and overseed your lawn on an annual basis. Aeration is the process of removing cores of soil from the lawn using a...

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Watering A Newly Seeded Lawn The Right Way

Posted 2017-05-15 by Antonio Zeppa

Step 1: Irrigate the soil daily, at least twice a day, but possibly more. Try not to let soil completely dry out. If your seed is planted in bare soil, do not soak or flood your lawn....

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The Zeppa’s Difference

Posted 2017-03-02 by Antonio Zeppa

What is the difference? And is there a difference? The short answer is absolutely! Compared with other local contractors, the Zeppa’s Difference comes down to integrity—a guarantee of both...

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Lawn Tips for a Healthy, Weed Free Yard

Posted 2016-09-29 by Antonio Zeppa

Your lawn can be the talk of the neighborhood, but if the proper techniques for a lush, thick, green lawn is not taken seriously on an annual basis, you might be in for a big surprise come next...

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Lawn and Landscape Service Management Industry Trends

Posted 2016-07-22 by Antonio Zeppa

How and why national facilities maintenance management companies are ruining the lawn and landscape industry. This has been a concern of our company the last few years and is a growing concern...

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Excellence is an Attitude

Posted 2015-11-18 by Antonio Zeppa

“A man is known by the company he keeps.” - English Proverb Excellence comes not just as a result of hard work, it is an attitude. Companies that approach excellence as an attitude...

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Spring Lawn Service

Posted 2015-03-24 by Antonio Zeppa

Spring is here and we are getting geared up for the season. Our guys will be in full force starting Monday. The season will begin with landscaping maintenance, and then slowly start to get into our...

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