Dry It Out

Posted 2019-05-28 by Antonio Zeppa

All living things need water, but too much water can be just as bad as too little. If your property has poor drainage, some action is needed to get rid of excess water.

Plant roots need oxygen as well as water. When an area collects an excess amount of water, the roots can be "choked" due to lack of oxygen.

Wet areas can also be problematic because they are susceptible to weeds as well as water-borne diseases. What’s worse, turf growing in a wet area doesn’t develop a deep root system. As a result, shallow-rooted lawns dry up in times of drought.

There are many things to consider in fixing a drainage problem, and professional help is a good idea. The problem may need a quick fix or a large overhaul. Either way, it pays to have an expert appraise the situation.

Easy fixes include simply adding soil to a low area or constructing a surface swale that runs downhill. A French drain is another solution, where a sloped trench is dug and filled with pea gravel. At times, perforated piping is also needed to help rid a problem area of extra water. If runoff from a downspout is contributing to the problem, installing a buried PVC pipe can be a huge help. The exact procedure will depend on your location and soil type. However it’s done, every system needs to flow downhill and away from the wet areas.

In the long run, good drainage will reward you with a healthier, more beautiful and more valuable landscape. It also ensures that your lawn stays usable and inviting.



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