Lawn and Landscape Service Management Industry Trends

Posted 2016-07-22 by Antonio Zeppa

How and why national facilities maintenance management companies are ruining the lawn and landscape industry.

This has been a concern of our company the last few years and is a growing concern year to year. National management companies such as SMS Assist, Merit Solutions, and Brightview Facility Solutions formerly Brickman Facility Solutions are absolutely ruining the industry as a whole. Why, you may ask? These companies go after large national accounts that have multi facilities and have a brick and mortar in all or close to 50 states. They are using local subcontractors and marking the property up 20 percent or more and managing the work... or so they say they are managing the work. Have you been to a Walgreens or CVS in the last 12 months and noticed the quality of landscape work? How about a Home Depot or Lowes? I don't have to go in detail as I am sure you already are familiar with how the landscape looks. These are managed national companies similar to the ones mentioned above. The problem is hurting everyone. Firstly, it is hurting the national retailer or company from a curb appeal standpoint. I don't know about you, but if a company can't manage it's outside, how is the inside run? Secondly, it is definitely not good for the contractor, he is providing a quick solution to try and make money at the already bid low price. Thirdly, it is not good for the management company because you now have unsatisfied national customers and local contractors upset for being worked for nothing. The solution is to get rid of the management company and hire locally. Yeah I am sure it sounded appealing at first to have one company manage every property in the entire nation; however, is it worth it if it is hurting the business? Think locally and hire locally.



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