Snow Removal &
Ice Control

When you need it you need it now!

We understand the stress winter weather causes you. Zeppa’s is ready to take on your winter weather snow and ice challenges. With the uncertainty of storms, one thing you can count on is Zeppa’s to keep you worry free with our dependable snow removal and ice control service.

Minimize Risk of Accidents

Even a speck of precipitation in freezing conditions is dangerous. Sleet, snow and ice are a treacherous winter liability. We’re here to minimize the risk of slipping, falling and accidents. Zeppa’s provides pre and post applications of ice control as necessary. Our products are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

You can count on our equipment. As a company that values high quality commercial equipment, we are ready to serve you with a well maintained fleet on alert for winter storms. When the winter precipitation hits were ready to plow and shovel that snow accumulation. Nobody wants a vehicle stuck in the snow. Our team is available to clear parking lots, sidewalks, entrances, streets.

Why choose Zeppa’s?

We are located in your area so we know your weather conditions first hand. We know from experience all about our crazy unpredictable winters. We rigorously scrutinize the weather forecast; we’re on call so you don’t have to be.

You operate your business skillfully and professionally, we do too. Zeppa’s believes in training and our team holds certification from ASM Advanced Snow Manager and SIMA Snow and Ice Management Association. When time is off the essence it helps to know that our team is routed and scheduled via cellphone with notes and GPS optimization.

Let Zeppa’s impress you with our quick response time. Call us today to discuss your snow and ice management program.



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